Biotechnology, Biology 395, Spring 2000

Study Questions #1, 1/27/00, Dr. Campbell

(These may or may not be on the exam.)

  1. Who was Johann Friedrich Miescher and what did he do?
  2. When did Gregor Mendel do his pioneering work on peas?
  3. Who was in charge of the "fly lab" working on Drosophila in the 1920s and 1930s?
  4. Who were all of the coauthors on Watson and Crick's key papers describing the structure of DNA in 1953? What role did each of these people play?
  5. What was the title of James Watson's biographical book describing his life and work up through the awarding of the Nobel Prize for the structure of DNA? Why was the book controversial?
  6. What did Marshall Nirenberg do?

  7. Retracing our steps to the manure pile on a farm, we identified ammonia-rich fertilizer and heat as two commercially valuable products from that lowly ferment. Given the mixture of other products we mentioned as wafting away on the winds blowing over it, what other commercial products might be harvested if the manure pile were moved to a closed vessel like a vat with pipes coming out of it?
One source of useful information here: Eric S. Lander and Robert A. Weinberg, Genomics: Journey to the Center of Biology, Science 287(5459), 1999:1777-1782.