Biotechnology Syllabus, B395, Spring Term 2000

                    Biotechnology 395, Schedule Number: 140684
   Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:45, McCormack 2nd Floor, Room 415 (M-2-415)

           Organizer: Kenneth L. Campbell, M-3-322, Office Hours: T 12:45-2:00

"Biotechnology is the application of knowledge of living systems in order to use those systems or
their components for industrial purposes." (W. Bains, Biotechnology from A to Z, 2nd Ed, Oxford
Univ. Press: New York, 1998, 66)  This course will follow current practice and emphasize many
aspects of applied molecular biology, it will include topics covering the principles and methods of
biotechnology and examples of products in the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural and
environmental industries.  The course will be taught by a team of instructors from the Biology
Department and will include several guest lecturers; a field trip is also planned.

Prerequisites for the course are permission of the organizer, Biochemistry 383 and 384, and
Molecular Biology 370/372 (corequisites are acceptable).  This year there are two required texts:
Glick and Pasternak, Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant
DNA, 2nd Ed, ASM Press: Washington, DC, 1998;and, Bains, Biotechnology from A to Z, 2nd
Ed, Oxford Univ. Press: New York, 1998.  In addition, there are two optional texts available in the
bookstore: Judson, The Eighth Day of Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Biology,
Expanded Ed, Cold Spring Harbor Press, 1996; and, Kolata, Clone, The Road to Dolly and the Path Ahead, William Morrow, Inc., 1998.  The readings from the Glick and
Pasternak text are indicated on the lecture schedule.  These should be read before lecture as well as
supplemental readings from papers provided by individual lecturers.  Bain's book is an extended
glossary that should help with material that may not be familiar to everyone in the class at the time of
the lectures.  Other information will be posted to pages associated with Dr. Campbell's Web Page:

Grading will be based on the results of a take-home mid-term (50%) and a final (50%).  The
mid-term will be handed out about two weeks into the course, will be based on the first 12 lectures,
and will be due on March 23, 2000.  The in-class final, given during finals week, will be based on
the remaining lectures.   The exams will be essays and problems.  There will be no makeup exams
and no extensions for turning in the mid-term.  If emergencies occur contact Dr. Campbell at
287-6676 as soon as possible.

      Biotech Syllabus, B395, Spring Term 2000  
Session # Date Day Topic Speaker
1 01/27/00 Th Introduction & History of Biotechnology (History of Biotech, G/P 1, J) Campbell
2 02/01/00 T Recombinant DNA (Biological Systems, G/P 2) Kleene
3 02/03/00 Th Identifying & Isolating Genes (Cloning/Libraries/Transformations, G/P 4) Kleene
4 02/08/00 T Gene Expression (RNA/DNA/Protein Synthesis, G/P 3) Ackerman
5 02/10/00 Th Prokaryotic Gene Expression (Manipulating Gene Expression in Prokaryotes, G/P 6) Ackerman
6 02/15/00 T Oligos & Sequencing (DNA Synthesis & Sequencing, G/P 5) Kleene
7 02/17/00 Th Eukaryotic Gene Expression (Gene Expression in Eukaryotes, G/P 7) Ackerman
8 02/22/00 T Sequence Searching, ESTs (Nucleic Acid Diagnostics (Blots, PCR), G/P 9) Kleene
9 02/24/00 Th Mutagenesis & Protein Engineering (Directed Mutagenesis & Protein Engineering, G/P 8)  Ackerman
10 02/29/00 T Interaction Trap Screens in Yeast Gindhart
11 03/02/00 Th Proteins, Antibiotics, Chemicals (Microbial Production of Therapeutics, G/P 10) Shiaris
12 03/07/00 T Bioremediation (Bioremediation, G/P 13) Shiaris
 13 03/09/00 Th Antibodies & Monoclonal Antibodies (Immunodiagnostics, G/P 9) Beck
3/11-19/00  Spring Break
14 03/21/00 T Phage Display (Immunodiagnostics, G/P 9) Beck
15 03/23/00 Th Antibodies, Cytokines and Vaccines (Vaccines, G/P 11) & Take-Home Exam Due!!! Beck
16 03/28/00 T Protein Purification by Affinity Sugumaran
17 03/30/00 Th Rational Drug Design  Sugumaran
03/31/00 F P/F, WD deadline
18 04/04/00 T Molecular Pesticides (Microbial Insecticides, G/P 15) Sugumaran
19 04/06/00 Th Large Scale Fermentation (Commercial Products by Recombinant Microbes, G/P 12 Davis
      & Fermentation Production of Recombinant Products, G/P 16)  
20 04/11/00 T Plant Growth & Nitrogen Fixation (Growth Promotion of Plants by Bacteria, G/P 14) Davis
21 04/13/00 Th Plant Transgenesis (Genetic Engineering of Plants, Methods & Applications, G/P 17&18) Davis
22 04/18/00 T Genome Projects & Genomics I (Human Molecular Genetics(Mapping & Cloning), G/P 20) Cook
23 04/20/00 Th Genome Projects & Genomics II (Human Molecular Genetics(Mapping & Cloning), G/P 20) Cook
24 04/25/00 T Animal Transgenics (Transgenesis in Animals, G/P 19) Campbell
25 04/27/00 Th Cloning Campbell
26 05/02/00 T Gene Therapy (Human Gene Therapy, G/P 21) Campbell
27 05/04/00 Th Bioethics (Regulating Use of Biotechnology, G/P 22) Campbell
28 05/09/00 T Patent Issues (Patenting Biotechnology, G/P 23)
UMB Patent Office
Course Summary & Evaluations Campbell

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