Final Exam Biotechnology 395


General Instructions: This examination is worth 200 points, 40% of the grade for this course. It has two parts: short answer questions worth 10 points each and essay questions each worth 10 points each. The authors of the questions will be identified both for your information and for grading purposes. Read instructions, budget your time, skip over questions you cannot answer promptly and return to them after you have answered all the others you can. Good luck! K.L. Campbell, Course Director.

Multiple Choice: 10 points per question, 2 points per response. Circle all answers that are correct; this may be as many as 5 and as few as 0. Answer 1 through 9 (90 pts).

Dr. Beck:

Dr. Campbell:

Short Response: Briefly answer any 3 of 10 through 13 (30 pts).

Dr. Sugumaran:

Dr. Davis

Short Response: Briefly answer 14 through 16 (30 pts).

Essays: Answer 17, 18 or 19, 20, 21, and 22. Total = 50 pts, 10 points per question.

Dr. Beck:

Dr. Sugumaran

Answer 1 of the following 2 essays:

Dr. Sugumaran

Dr. Campbell

Answer 20 and 21.

Dr. Davis

[Vocabulary you may need:

root exudate: material secreted by root tips

hydroponic: growth with roots in liquid nutrient medium (see Fig. 2D)

heterologous: from a different source

apoplastic space: the cell walls and intercellular liquid in plant tissues

in planta: in intact plants

rhizosphere: the space around the roots]